ERP for the
process industry.

Specific challenges facing the process industry

As a manufacturer in the process industry, you have to overcome a wide range of challenges in order to meet customers’ demands for fast deliveries at the lowest possible costs, even as you are faced with increasingly strict legal regulations. In order to stay competitive, you need business software that helps you shorten development cycles, react quickly to customer trends and adhere to constantly changing legal regulations. With the right ERP system, you can optimise your operating procedures and create greater transparency in your supply chain.

Stay ahead of the competition

Life cycle management for your production processes and detailed insight into your supply chain will keep you one step ahead of the competition. Manage the complexity that arises from developing and manufacturing customised products and improve your response to customer needs. With our industry solutions for the process industry, you can optimise your processes while adhering to legal regulations and meeting the demands of the market. This will give you a competitive advantage and allow you to meet customers’ needs in a cost-effective manner.

An overview of your benefits

  • Expedite your process manufacturing operations
  • Manage your materials and products with multidimensional inventory structures
  • Work with simplified and simultaneously flexible packaging types
  • Improve communication and networking within your company as well as with clients and business partners
  • Make your performance and costs completely transparent
  • React flexibly to new market conditions