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tailored to your customers.

Build-to-order manufacturers fulfil customers’ every wish...

Reacting quickly and flexibly to new customer demands while still delivering top-quality products on time and within budget is just one of the many special challenges facing build-to-stock manufacturers. As a manufacturer of equipment, special machines or prototypes, you are not only compelled to cater to your customers demands; you also need to have a complete overview of your costs and resources (both invested and available) at all times. Doing so is the only way to hold your own against your competitors on the market.

...which is why they need flexible software systems.

To help you manage these demands, we offer modern, flexible ERP solutions that are specifically tailored to the processes in the build-to-order production industry. Solutions that can be perfectly adjusted to your customers’ diverse demands while continuously providing you with the information you need in order to monitor and manage the costs, quality and deadlines of all of your customer projects.

Standard ERP solutions

Industry solutions for build-to-order production