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Efficient, cost-effective build-to-stock production

In addition to optimum management of their own production processes, build-to-stock production companies need a complete overview of all of the company’s processes in order to work as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. In order to meet the multifaceted challenges that build-to-stock production poses, companies must ensure that their business processes are optimally coordinated with one another: this means integrated product development, optimised procurement, automated serial number tracking, transparent inventory and the integration of external production in the company’s own planning.

... with the ideal ERP solution.

We offer modern, flexible ERP solutions that help you gain a competitive edge. These solutions can completely map your processes, even beyond the boundaries of your company. Our fully integrated ERP solutions help you react rapidly to changes in your customers’ needs and assist you in launching your new products more quickly. With real-time information about your company and your supply chain, you can optimise your production flow in order to plan more effectively and make optimum use of your resources.