Business interlligence
to analyse, to visualize,
to forecast

Full service for your BI projects

BI solutions from terna help you collect and analyse external and internal data, allowing you to generate added value for your company. It is possible to achieve a measurable improvement in decision-making, financial management and customer service thanks to our many years of experience with industry and sector-specific business processes and our comprehensive BI portfolio.

Our BI solutions

  • Create a new level of transparency and gain insights into processes and business activities that can be used to identify new earning potential and improve operating efficiency in the entire organisation.
  • Offer new opportunities to consistently optimise the profitability of IT investments in data management, data mining, customer intelligence, and CRM and ERP technologies.
  • Create the preconditions for systematic and efficient planning and compliance with internal and external guidelines.
  • Help you solve problems faster and accelerate decision-making at all levels.

Our core competencies


BI solutions for every requirement


  • Industry-specific BI solutions
  • Analysis and self-service BI
  • Analysis and self-service BI
  • Office standard report
  • BI as a managed service


Strategic BI concepts: Full integration


  • BI integration and diagnostics
  • BI strategic consulting
  • Development and management of measurement systems
  • Data consolidation with tailored data warehouse services
  • Integration into information networks


BI consulting and further development


  • BI consulting and further development
  • Accompanying consulting for further detailed concepts of your BI solution
  • Consulting and development of report management



Qlik believe information can change the world and that every business user contributes to that transformation. With the QlikView Business Discovery platform, everyone can easily analyze data and experience that "a-ha" moment of discovery.

Corporate Planner is an integrated planning, analysis and reporting system for obtaining fast analyses of company-relevant data, planning the company’s future and actively managing individual company divisions. Comprehensive planning functions allow fast, consistent generation of business plans and budgets. Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow are all dynamically linked in the integrated financial planning.

Microsoft’s BI solutions combine flexibility and user-friendliness with high-performance infrastructure. With the assistance of a combined solution consisting of Microsoft Dynamics AX and SQL Server, you can gain detailed insight into your business data, improve report generation and maximise your ERP solution’s performance. Pre-defined data cubes and role-based business intelligence ensure that your employees receive the information they need in order to recognise critical business issues and respond to them with the proper tools.