QlikView - Finally,
a business intelligence solution for all users.

QlikView business intelligence

The business intelligence solution QlikView 11 provides extremely rapid associative analyses. With QlikView, you can analyse your data by segment and gain levels of insight that you previously never would have believed possible.

QlikView lets you see your business in a whole new light:

  • Consolidate relevant data from various sources in a single application
  • Analyse connections within your data
  • Collective decision-making thanks to secure, direct cooperation
  • Visualise data in the most cutting-edge display formats
  • Analyse your data directly and indirectly
  • Interact with dynamic applications, dashboards and analyses
  • Access, analyse and acquire data on mobile devices


Self-service BI from the IT department

With QlikView, IT can make business intelligence completely self-service for users while still ensuring that data quality and security are maintained and regulations are observed.

Simpler for developers

Business analysts and BI developers can use QlikView to easily create cutting-edge BI applications that users can adapt and expand to meet their needs at any time.