Jumpstart -
Managed Services.


Jumpstart is a service offered by terna that allows you to hand over the technical operation of your software systems and the required administrative IT tasks for the operating system, database, and license management to us. Jumpstart´s range of services extends beyond traditional cloud, hosting and housing tasks:

Managed Services

As managed services, not only do we provide the technical infrastructure but we also take over various administrative operating tasks. You will benefit from terna’s expertise in technical and administrative software system support as well as a professional infrastructure that gives you access to the most up-to-date data centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Jumpstart can be used with the whole portfolio of our products. All our ERP, BI and CRM systems and all our add-on products are available with Jumpstart.


Professional support

Take full advantage of terna’s combined software and technical expertise and reap the benefits of the resulting synergies. This particular combination is currently one of terna’s unique selling propositions.

Predictable costs

Jumpstart does not require any on-site installation. It will be easier to calculate your monthly IT costs; the costs for the acquisition, maintenance, and monitoring of the required technology and server software are eliminated.

Flexible scalability

Reap the benefits of software solutions that grow with your company! High scalability allows the technical operation of your systems to be easily adapted to your current needs.

Reduce your IT workload

Free up your IT department from routine tasks such as performance monitoring, server maintenance, and backup management. Your IT staff can finally devote its time to more productive tasks.

Maximum data privacy

The highly available data centers of our partners in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland boast the highest globally recognised security standards.